Village Development

In many villages in India today, basic health and sanitation are pressing concerns due to lack of infrastructure and education. ANK has trained village level community workers to provide fundamental health care information and services, and generate awareness about personal and environmental hygiene. ANK gives them medical kits with which they can meet the basic health care needs of the villagers. Women and adolescent girls learn about health, nutrition and social awareness from professionals in the field. Those with more serious diseases are referred to hospitals in Pune where they can get medical services at a nominal rate. Medical camps, such as eye camps, ENT and gynecological camps are held regularly for the villagers.

To address the dire water shortage in Khandale, Kasari and Sone Sanghvi villages, 25 wells were recharged to promote water harvesting. Water tanks have also been built in Kasari and Karanjawane villages. ANK constructed 85 Eco-sanitary Toilets for rural families in Nimgaon Bhogi village using ecologically friendly waste disposal techniques and recyclable compost, to improve health and hygiene in the village.